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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sorceror Series Finale: LOGOS I get out of all your boxes.

I completed this painting two months ago. Its the last painting in the series, well the last to be completed as there is an epilogue after this. It started as a totally different painting with a background of various newspaper clippings and the sorceror battling a many headed beast representing the troubles of life. But this journey, this long walk has taught me that this is not a war, this is a rescue mission. Well the first person I had to save was myself. So after the painting sat and stared at me for months I recreated it according to a sketch for a tattoo I've been thinking about getting. From there it became this. I'm hoping these paintings have a continuity to them(that's in homage to comics) and I hope they communicate something about my thirties. Its all about moving forward from here. The Last Look Back painting is in a show in Atlanta at the Apex museum and I may have an international showing in the works for 2007. Transformation begins and ends inside. That's were I am now. The Sorceror is the observer and the explorer. I guess now I gotta become something else.


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