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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sorceror Series: Slowly surely..

Slowly surely I walk away from I walk away from
Slowly surely I walk away from love
Oh slowlyy, surely one step at a time but surely
I will pass the old love aside and love me slowly, surely I walk away from slowly surely
I walk away from
desperating love
caught up in the maze love
crazy crazy craze of love
slowly surely, I walk away from [repeat 5 times]
Slooooooowly Suuuuuuurely, slowly surely
-Jill Scott "Slowly Surely" from Who is Jill Scott

One of the perks of my job is Spring. When the rain cuts back and that southern sun peeps out, it's warmth drives young ladies to forget all civility and show off as much of there wares as is publicly possible. There is nothing like the beautiful diversity of women in the bloom of physical maturation.
My time here forced me to begin thinking about how my expectations and image of women have changed. Also by being in an environment where youth decides popular culture I drown in a very carnal and material sense of beauty and sexuality. Young people not quite aware of there many other gifts define attractiveness by a MTV reinforced image of the ideal. Growing up. I can't look at women that way... I mean not all the time. Cause I got a preteen niece and second cousins staring at adolescence and my sister and my female friends and my momma... well you get the idea. I've spent alot of time reading the "booty" magazines, which usually focus on seductive and sugestive photos of video chics, models, actresses and singers. I realize that there are various layers to my attraction to women. I also realize that I have a long journey from the carnal to the spiritual. So I structured this paintng by aquiring my favorite physical desires from magazines and hiding them under a bit of paint. At the four corners of the painting are the Guardians at the gates of lust. In front of themare iconic representations of some of my great loves abstracted towards their specific zodiac signs. The Bull, the Crab, the Water-bearer, the Scales. Next are the aquired images of women I am attractive to for deeper reasons but still have no personal relationsships with. Finally the Blue nude form of the Sorceror stands before all of this a bridge out of the carnal. The yellow glowing from of Elia Infinity walsk away from the confusion Slowly surely.... And I am still walking. Sorry for the light reflecting on the painting. I was really into gloss medium when I was working on this piece.


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