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Tuesday, April 11, 2006



If we were all parent to the world
we would see that it is too rowdy
we would see how the greed
has made us all jump;
we would see, plainly at last,
the corporations.

If we were all lovers to the world
we would respond without scolding;
we would attend and caress;
we could learn to bare our need for the same

So then, why not?
So then, why this?

Now I think that we have missed the mark
through the time spent defending ourselves
and the recklessness and half-measure
of our methods,
big and small --
the methods of a second and the methods
of years,
and the rebounding consequences
that trigger,
and then trigger
and then...

If so,
it comes then, to this,
the question
of self-defense
which You have not answered,
not so we have heard:

In this world of Yours
we, children of Yours...

Must we?


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