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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sorceror Series: MPD as lifestyle or The Eternal Champion

We're all in now.
The Nexus of all things. Where the the metaphor becomes the thing. Where you can turn in that direction you never could before and see the facets of yourself, the hero with a thousand faces. The general terms given detail and definition. At the center is the Sorceror. The Constant. The traveler on his sojourner truth. Breaking the boundaries of narrative existence. Rangin across the multilayered narrative. The circles of reality rotate and shift and I stand in all those places out of time but in the story. Blak Fox stands guard over his city. The foundation, the first projection created out of adolescent desires for power. Vigilante urban hero. Dwayne Lyon. The first idealization of the father. The fantasy warrior/cleric. The seeker of knowledge existing in a realm of magic and technology. The servant of an agnostic god. The heart of the team and the healer. Abyss (once known as Darkke) the sensualist. The nemesis. The hip vampire hitman all in black. Turtleneck to overcoat to guns. Addiction, excess and regret. The shadow. Proto Elias Infinity. Khufi(sp) wearing neo-blaxploitation hero for the new milleneum(sp?). The Hope Eternal in its infant form. The first taste of freedom bathing in the first rays of light from redemption and responsibility, but bound to the mad Moon-Goddess and the two fisted hero Chi-Town Johnson. Baptised in the water of love's escape. Elias Infinity, the dredlocked hyper kinetic hero for a new age of exploration and discovery. Always progressing, always learning, ever vigilant. The Now guy. Baptised in the fire of love loss.
Thank you Michael Moorcock, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Grant Morrison, Alice Walker, Octavia Butler. For driving me insane.


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