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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Montgomery Meditations: The Starbuck Papers


I am so out of the moment with women. Like the two broads that walked in tonight. Sinewy sister with a reddish little afro. Small hip glasses, green wife-beater with her black bra straps showing. Flared and distressed jeans. She walks by looking down her shoulder at me as she passes, gauging my interest. Caught up in observing the moment I reflexively show none. She disappears past my periphery vision on her way to the restroom. Then appears her companion from around the service counter. She is Asian with a long shape. She plays and plies elegant and near hip length black hair. She wears a white collared three button shirt that softly grabs around her round breast. She decides to sit at the table in front of mine and I look away. For a long moment we are there together and I and she do nothing. Her friend joins her at the table and then she to goes to the bathroom. While the butterscotch waif sits and waits , I appreciate the curve of her neck. But I remain silent. Soon her friends returns and they depart... Reluctantly in my perception. And I don't appreciate the lost moment until now. Right Now


See I'm working on this new swagger. Something to let them know what I'm doing and what I'm capable of. I'm changing up my form to let them know I'm versatile and able. In this suit there is no exterior blame, all fault falls on ground zero. And I can handle that because pulling tight what needs to be taut(taught). I'm learning my lessons and applying my knowledge. Trying to discover and exemplify wisdom. See I got this new swagger now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hay its nathaniel the guy with the long hair from the thing in the share center, thank you verry much for your time.
I realy like the drawing of music infulences as music is a big part of my life. oh yeah marley,hendrix and mr. wonder are gods! [[fullstop]]

8:41 AM, February 10, 2007


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